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Serrano Pepper

Serrano PepperCommon Name: Serrano

Species: Capsicum annuum

Size: Generally 1 to 2 inches long, 1/2 inch wide

Shape: Cylindrical with a tapered, rounded end

Color: Red to dark green

Scoville Scale: 10,000 to 20,000

Also Known As: Serrano seco and Serrano seco de Yucatan

Grown In: The American Southwest and Mexico

Commonly Used In: Fresh salsas, or pickled (serranos en escabeche)

Pepper Facts: Serranos are generally the hottest chile commonly available in the U.S. "Serrano" is a Spanish adjective for "from the mountains." Serrano peppers originated in the mountainous regions of Puebla and Hidalgo, Mexico.

Ignite your food (and your mouth) with a splash of serrano pepper sauce. May cause perspiration, tingling, dizziness and an uncontrollable urge to say "More Please..!"

Photo Credit: Lois Ellen Frank
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