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Fiery ArticlesChock-full of flavor and searing wit, our collection of hot sauce articles will ignite your mind and take you on a journey to a brave new world of true heat sensation.

Hot Sauce History - Things may be heating up for hot sauces, but they've been around since humans first realized they could eat chile peppers. Bottles containing hot sauce have been recovered from archaeological digs as well as shipwrecks, according to "The Hot Sauce Bible," The Crossing Press, 1996.

Sex and Chiles - Chiles have nothing whatsoever to do with sex. A chile is just a chile - or is it? Within the human psyche, everything has something to do with sex. With chiles, they're just not as obviously symbolic as cigars.

The Cult of the Hot Sauce - I don't pretend to understand everything surrounding the food world. People who have to have every happy meal toy? I don't have any idea what their motivations happen to be. Those who folks who save beer cans? I have no clue what's on their mind. People who let food magazines sit around for months on end?

Source of the Heat - Let's face it, we like our hot sauces hot. So hot, in fact, that they singe our tongues like a trailing flame or erupt in our throats and tease out desperate coughs. Perhaps it's for the chiles' healing properties that we're so rapacious in our consumption of them..

Pepper Mythology: Flavorsome Folklore - Peppers, hot sauce and salsa have all played a part in folklore and mythology. Here's a taste of what's been written and passed down over the years...

Cool Down With Hot Sauce - Here's refreshing news about hot sauce. This chile-containing condiment temporarily speeds up your metabolism and cools you off. Capsaicin (the heat-causing chemical in chile peppers) causes you to perspire, especially on the head and face. As moisture evaporates, heat pulls away from the body, producing a cooling sensation. That's why so many dishes in hot climates are spicy.

Matching Up Fiery Food with Cold Beer - With so many beers on the market, it's no longer just a matter of serving a cold brew when you have a hot dish. There are a lot of different types of beer out there and one will be perfect with your Chile con Carne or your Mexican enchiladas with hot sauce. Here are a few suggestions to wet your whistle.

Chilli Is So Hot - "We live in an extreme world," explains Blair Lazar, a hot sauce creator. "And I make extreme foods." In his hands is the hottest spice in the world, an ultra-refined version of chilli powder so fiery that customers must sign a waiver absolving him of any liability if they are foolish enough to try it.

Growing Peppers - Vegetable gardeners are growing peppers at an astonishing rate. Currently, they are second in popularity only to tomatoes and why not? They are prolific producers, come in all shapes, colors and sizes and range in taste from sweet to downright fiery.

Chili Peppers and Globalization - Chili peppers are decidedly an international phenomenon, spicing up regional dishes from Thailand to North Africa. In "Thailand Confidential," this week's Globalist Bookshelf selection, Jerry Hopkins gives insight to the culture and history surrounding this fiery fruit and highlights how it may be one of the world's best medical miracles.
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